Talking to SmileFM about Health Insurance and Medical Aid

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We had the great privilege to talk to Benito Vergotine on Smile 90.4 FM about health insurance and medical aid. This radio interview covers a topic that is still very popular right now as many South Africans turn to more affordable solutions for medical cover.

The interview is with Will van der Leij from Episodic and covers these key points:

  • What is health insurance and how does it differ from medical aid?
  • How is health insurance beneficial to you?
  • What cover does health insurance provide?
  • Is health insurance a more affordable alternative to medical aid?
  • Can you combine health insurance and medical aid to ensure maximum healthcare cover?
  • How does Episodic personalise health insurance?

We cover these and more in the interview. You can listen to the recording below.


We enjoy these interviews because it gives us a chance to describe to people how these products differ, using language and simple terms that everyone understands.

As always, Episodic is happy to talk to you about any questions that you may have. Just tell us who you are and we will give you a call.