Talking with MoneyWeb about Medical Aid and Health Insurance

Radio Interview

The so called “Medical Aid Season” is closing in where medical aid schemes and health insurance providers publish their product changes and update their premiums. It is an important time to evaluate your medical needs and choose products that suit your budget and needs for the coming year.

This November, we took to the radio-waves and spoke to Moneyweb on both SAFM and RSG on the topic and will be publishing further information in the future to help people understand the differences in the types of medical cover options. As always, Episodic believes your health is your choice.


Nompu Siziba’s interview with Episodic’s CTO, Will van der Leij, on SAFM’s Moneyweb show is available online at

You can also listen to it here.




Ryk van Niekerk’s interview with Episodic CEO, Johan Josling, on RSG Finansies is available online at

You can also listen to it here in two parts:

Part A

Part B

It is a great opportunity to talk to South Africans about the difference between Medical Aid and Health Insurance plans. Medical insurance can be an affordable alternative for those that can’t afford a medical aid. It can also be taken with a Medical Aid plan to add Day-to-Day benefits for a more comprehensive portfolio.

As always, we believe it is your choice and we are here to help you make an informed choice when choosing health cover that suits you and your family.