Accident Hospitalisation

Take the knock out of unexpected events

The Accident benefit is designed to provide stated amounts to cover any costs associated with an accident event that results in hospitalisation. Be prepared with an insurance benefit that looks after you when need it most.

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Benefit Includes

No hospital network
3 Levels of Cover to choose from
24/7 emergency services
Immediate cover

Choose from 3 Levels of Cover

Level 1

For single policies: R75,000 available per event. R150,000 annual overall limit.

For family policies: R150,000 available per event. R300,000 annual overall limit.

Level 2

For single policies: R125,000 available per event. R250,000 annual overall limit.

For family policies: R250,000 available per event. R500,000 annual overall limit.

Level 3

For single policies: R200,000 available per event. R400,000 annual overall limit.

For family policies: R400,000 available per event. R800,000 annual overall limit.


What is covered?

The benefit covers the chosen stated amounts, irrespective of the medical procedures performed. This means that the amounts available are there to cover any in-hospital costs incurred directly related to the accident event.
You will need to be hospitalised for at least 24 hours for the benefit to come into effect.

How do we access emergency services?

Contact the Essential Med call center on 0861 911 011 for any emergencies.

Is pre-authorisation required?

Most serious accident events result in immediate hospitalisation so pre-authorisation is not practical, however, you will need to inform us within 24 hours of being admitted for the benefit to apply.

Sometime the effects of the accident are delayed and you are not admitted to hospital immediately. In these cases you will need to inform us of the incident within 48 hours of the accident occurring, otherwise we won't know to apply the benefit later should you need it. Then, to be admitted under this benefit, you will need to get pre-authorisation at least 24 hours prior to being admitted.

What about out-of-hospital cost?

For 12 months after the event and after you have been discharged from hospital, the benefit will still cover any recurring events related to that accident, whether they are in or out of hospital needs, up to the stated amounts chosen.


An additional R159 for single members

and R189 per month for families.

Episodic Health (Pty) Ltd, is a Financial Services Provider (FSP 49319). Health product is provided and administered by Essential Med (Pty) Ltd (FSP 42980), the Underwriting Management Agent on behalf of the insurer African Unity Life (FSP 8447). Episodic Health and Essential Med are a health insurance provider, not a medical aid scheme.