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About UsYou are the heroof our story

You are the hero of our story

Episodic creates financial solutions as unique as you are because your health and wealth should be your choice.

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Our life story

About Us Episode 1

Episode 1

No time for humble beginnings

Our story began in 2019. AfroCentric EssentialMED decided to focus on their core strengths of building and managing a sustainable health insurance product. To do this they decided to become an Underwriting Management Agency. Episodic Health was created as a strategic partner to service the loyal client base and bring a well established product to market.

Episodic Health launched from a position of strength. There was no time for humble beginnings. We hit the ground running powered by years of experience running a successful medical and life insurance book.

Episode 2

Our values fuel our growth

The success of Episodic Health sees us exploring new ideas and branching out to create products and solutions that have value or create wealth for our clients. Episodic is launching into our second chapter with passion and a driving desire to innovate.

About Us Episode 2
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We believe in a fewcore ideals

We believe in a few core ideals

Every episode of life is different

Life has many different stages, each with its own unique story. Our needs change with each stage: maybe we start out with a job or we get married. Later we have children, perhaps they leave home. We make money, we lose money. Where we are and what’s important to us changes.

Our financial solutions should adapt with our changing needs too. That is why Episodic tries to avoid products that are inflexible or lock you in unnecessarily. We believe in choice and we believe that you can and should change your mind.

Health and wealth is your choice

Nobody knows your financial and wellness needs better than you do. Nobody should make these choices for you. The role of a financial solution provider, like Episodic, is to discover, create and present options to you and then help you make your own informed choice.

That is why Episodic tries to allow as much choice as possible in all of our solutions so that you get to customise and personalise your products to suit your needs.

Honesty builds trust

To make an informed choice, you need to be presented with a story that you can believe from people that you can trust. Episodic wants to earn your trust, not ask for it.

Trust is everything. You are trusting us with your money, your healthcare and your future. This is an honour and we take it seriously. So we strive to be open, transparent and honest in everything we do, no matter how brutal the truth.

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