Nationwide Network of Doctors & Dentists

Episodic Health Insurance gives you access to private healthcare with one of the largest networks of doctors, dentists and pharmacies in South Africa. Plus, there is no hospital network, you can use any private hospital.

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Use the online provider search tool provided by EssentialMED to find a network doctor or dentist in your area.
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Private Network Healthcare Providers Near You

You get access to top private healthcare providers across the country with Episodic. Here's what you need to know.



The Day-to-Day plan has a nationwide network of doctors (GPs).

Search for doctors in your area using the online search portal from EssentialMED.

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You can use any private hospital in South Africa for hospital related benefits. There is no hospital network.

We do advise making use of NetCare, Busamed and Life hospital groups for the most seamless experience with the product.



There is a nationwide network of private dentists on your Day-to-Day plan.

Search for a dentist in your area using the online search portal from EssentialMED.



You can get medication on your Day-to-Day benefits from a pharmacy or a dispensing network doctor.

All major pharmacies support our product including Clicks, Medirite and Dischem. You just need a script from a network doctor.



Optometry benefits are available through any SpecSavers nationwide.



When you need blood tests on your Day-to-Day benefits, your network doctor or specialist will refer you to a laboratory or do it for you. All the major labs can be used including Lancet, AmPath and Pathcare



X-rays and scans on your Day-to-Day benefits can be done at any major radiology provider. Your network doctor will refer you.



Episodic Day-to-Day benefits do not have a network of specialist physicians. You can use any supported Specialist anywhere in South Africa.

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Answers to Your Questions

What if my doctor or dentist is not on the network?

The doctor and dentist network is constantly growing as more providers agree to join.

You can nominate your family doctor or dentist to join the network by filling in a request. Simply email with the following information:

  • Doctor/Dentist name and Practice Number
  • Their contact details: phone & email
  • Their address

It is ultimately the decision of the doctor and the product administrator when a provider is nominated to the network. We cannot make a guarantee that they will join as it is their choice.

How are Episodic and EssentialMED related to each other?

Episodic offers a health insurance product that is provided and administered by EssentialMED. The Episodic Health Insurance product is an EssentialMED product.

EssentialMED is the product administrator for our health insurance product and they are responsible for managing the network, processing claims and enhancing the product.

What are managed visits?

The GP benefit is unlimited in that you can visit a network doctor as often as is medically necessary. This needs to be managed to make sure that it is you or your family using the benefit and not someone else.

Preauthorisation is required from:

  • the 5th consecutive visit for Single policies
  • the 12th consecutive visit for Family policies

by calling Africa Assist on 0861 911 011

This protects you and us from fraud on your policy as well as helping us make sure you are getting real value from the network of providers.

What happens if I visit a doctor that is not on the network?

The Day-to-Day benefits cover consultations with network doctors. You are allowed 3 visits to out-of-network doctors a year. These visits will be reimbursed up to a maximum of R250 per visit.

Where can I find a list of network hospitals?

Episodic Health Insurance can be used at any hospital. There is no hospital network. We advise making use of NetCare, Busamed and Life hospital groups for the most seamless experience with the product.

Find out more on our network page.

How do I find a network doctor near me?

Use the online provider search tool to find a doctor or dentist in your area.

Start with your immediate area and then broaden your search to your surrounding areas to make sure you find all the network providers near you.

What is a dispensing network doctor?

A dispensing doctor is a doctor on our network that also has an in-house pharmacy and is able to supply medication (on our formulary) directly to you.

What is a scripting network doctor?

A scripting doctor is a doctor that does not have an in-house pharmacy and will issue a script for medication that can be fulfilled at a pharmacy.

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