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Health Insurance

Who can I add to my policy?

In general, you can add your immediate family to your policy, but there are exceptions.

Health Insurance

How do I find a doctor or dentist on the Network?

The network of doctors and dentists is available online in a search portal.

Health Insurance

How do I use my plan at a hospital?

Here is how to authorise your hospital visits

Health Insurance

What are Waiting Periods?

Different benefits have different waiting periods before you can claim for the first time.

Health Insurance

Will my premium go up over time?

Your premiums may go up each year.

Funeral Plan

When do premiums need to be paid?

Premiums are paid monthly in arrears with grace periods and rules for reinstatements.

Health Insurance

What are the age limits?

Find out about the age limits that apply when joining a health insurance policy.

Funeral Plan

What is the Cooling-Off Period?

A cooling-off period is a 31 day period of time in which you can cancel your funeral plan and get a full refund.

Health Insurance

Can I have a Medical Aid and a Health Insurance policy?

Yes you can, but they need to cover different things. You cannot claim from both for the same event.

Health Insurance

Can I have more than one Health Insurance policy?

You can have more than one but they should cover different benefits.

Funeral Plan

What are the Waiting Periods?

A Waiting Period is a time duration in which benefits to an insured member will not be paid.

Funeral Plan

Who can I add to my Funeral Plan?

You can add up to 13 family members on a single policy. Find out who qualifies as immediate or extended family.

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