Flexible and Affordable Health Insurance

Episodic lets you design a health insurance plan that gives you access to private healthcare. We have a range of benefits including Day-to-Day, Hospital and Accident cover. Flexibility means you choose the benefits you need at the level of cover you want to save on your premiums.

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Our insurance offerings

Episodic allows you to choose the benefits that you need at the level of cover that you want. Build your comprehensive plan starting with Day-to-Day cover and then adding Accident & Emergency, or Hospital cover as you require. It is your choice.

Day-to-Day Offering

Cover for everyday out-of-hospital expenses. See a doctor or dentist as often as you need with medication, optometry, x-rays and blood tests included.

Day-to-Day Benefits explained

Be prepared for unexpected events. Get access to private hospitals and healthcare in event of an accident or emergency.

Accident & Emergency Benefits explained
Accident & Emergencies Offering
Hospital Offering

Medical cover when you need it most. Get access to private hospitals for maternity, planned procedures or illnesses.

Hospital Benefits explained

Episodic Health offers flexible funeral cover as a purely optional additional benefit to your health insurance policy.

Funeral Benefits explained
Funeral Offering
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A network you can depend on

Doctors and dentists where you are. Episodic Health has one of the largest networks of doctors and dentists across South Africa. Best of all, there is no hospital network. You can make use of any private or public hospital in the country.

Our network