ICU cover

Higher cover for higher Intensive Care Unit costs.

ICU costs are higher than normal hospital admissions. The hospital benefit alone might not be enough to cover a stay in high care. This benefit provides additional cover for the extra costs incurred.

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Benefit Includes

No hospital network
Optional benefit with 2 levels of cover
3 month waiting period
Covers up to 5 consectuve days

Choose from 3 Levels of Cover

Level 1

Up to R12,500 per member per day

Level 2

Up to R20,000 per member per day


How is this related to the Illness Hospitalisation benefit?

This benefit can be taken in addition to the Illness Hospitalisation benefit. ICU costs are claimed under the ICU benefit first and additional costs may then apply to the Illness Hospitalisation benefit.

How is this related to the Accident Hospitalisation benefit?

ICU costs incurred as a result of an accident event are claimed under the Accident Hospitalisation benefit which is a required benefit to be eligible for choosing this benefit.

Is authorisation required?

Yes, pre-authorisation is required to access this benefit. Simply contact the Essential Med call center on 0861 911 011.


An additional R58 for single members

and R70 per month for families.

Episodic Health (Pty) Ltd, is a Financial Services Provider (FSP 49319). Health product is provided and administered by Essential Med (Pty) Ltd (FSP 42980), the Underwriting Management Agent on behalf of the insurer African Unity Life (FSP 8447). Episodic Health and Essential Med are a health insurance provider, not a medical aid scheme.

Up to R1,500 per day for a max of 18 days