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Planned procedures or illnesses may need hospitalisation so consider a benefit that offers stated amounts per admission day.

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Benefit Includes

No hospital network
3 Levels of Cover to choose from
Stated amounts for up to 21 days in hospital
3 month waiting period for admission days
Waiting periods for stated conditions

Choose from 3 Levels of Cover

Level 1

Up to R6,500 for 1st day

Up to R4,500 for 2nd & 3rd days each

Up to R1,500 per day afterwards

Level 2

Up to R10,000 for 1st day

Up to R6,500 for 2nd day

Up to R5,000 for 3rd day

Up to R1,500 per day afterwards

Level 3

Level 2 benefits

Cover for stated conditions:Hernia: R20,000
Appendectomy: R35,000
Gallbladder/Kidney stones: R35,000
Miscarriage: R10,000
Hysterectomy: R45,000


How are the admission days covered?

Each level of cover offers stated amounts for the listed admission days. The benefit works on consecutive hospitalisation days up to a maximum of 21 days. For example, on level one, up to R1,500 is available per day from the 4th day for a maximum of 18 days. 3 days plus 18 days is 21 days.

You need to be admitted for a minimum of 24 consecutive hours for the benefit to come into effect.

How are the stated conditions covered?

On level 3, the stated conditions are covered regardless of the admission days. They are not in addition to the daily amounts.

What are the stated condition waiting periods?

The admission day benefits have a 3 month waiting period. The stated conditions in Level 3 are 12 months (24 months for hysterectomy).

What is not covered?

Only procedures that are diagnosed and medically necessary are covered under this benefit. Elective surgery is not covered, nor is admission for the purposes of establishing a diagnosis.

How is this related to the Accident Hospitalisation benefit?

Hospital costs incurred as a result of an accident event are claimed under the Accident Hospitalisation benefit, which is a required benefit to be eligible for choosing this benefit.

Is authorisation required?

Yes, pre-authorisation is required to access this benefit. Simply contact the Essential Med call center on 0861 911 011.


An additional R58 for single members

and R70 per month for families.

Episodic Health (Pty) Ltd, is a Financial Services Provider (FSP 49319). Health product is provided and administered by Essential Med (Pty) Ltd (FSP 42980), the Underwriting Management Agent on behalf of the insurer African Unity Life (FSP 8447). Episodic Health and Essential Med are a health insurance provider, not a medical aid scheme.

Up to R1,500 per day for a max of 18 days