Breakfast with Refilwe Moloto on CapeTalk

Episodic talks to Refliwe Moloto on CapeTalk about health insurance, medical aids and how the two can compliment each other.

Breakfast with Refilwe Moloto on CapeTalk

Health Insurance and Medical Aids can be used together. There are some good reasons to consider having both as the two products, although different, can work together to provide you with a very comprehensive medical cover solution.

One of our favourite radio hosts, Refilwe Moloto, asked our CEO, Johan Josling, to explain the difference between health insurance and medical aid and how the two products can compliment each other. In this radio interview we cover:

  • How the products are regulated
  • Waiting periods and Late Joiner Penalties
  • Why the premiums differ
  • What primary care is and how it works
  • How Day-to-Day benefits can be used instead of (or with) a Medical Savings Account

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Medical aids – even hospital plans – are so expensive, only a minority of employed South Africans can afford them.

They are so expensive, in part, because they must provide members with prescribed minimum benefits (PMBs) which covers 270 conditions and 25 chronic diseases.

“Medical insurance” might come in handy if you are one of the unlucky many who cannot afford medical aid.

Episodic believes that the choice of medical cover should be yours to make so we give you options to choose from to meet your medical needs budget. Contact us for more information.

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