Storywood Inclusive Arts Festival 2024

An arts festival for audiences with complex needs running in March 2024. We support it by taking part... on stage. Find out more and how to book.

Storywood inclusive arts Out of the Woods festival

Storywood Inclusive Arts will be running an inclusive arts festival for audiences with complex needs from the 13th to the 20th March 2024. Events will take place at the Playhouse theatre and the Drama Factory, both in Somerset West.

What are inclusive arts?

The festival includes a number of theatre productions and arts workshops for audiences with complex needs such as neurological, sensory, cognitive, hearing, visual and movement challenges. The aim is to create a safe space for audiences no matter their specific needs, even the elderly or very young, and to enable them to partake in arts experiences from which they are often excluded.

It is also a platform for information and skill sharing amongst parents, carers and other theatre practitioners.

Who is this for?

Everyone! It is not just for people with complex needs who otherwise would not have accessible access to theatre works, it is also suitable for senior audiences and families with young children. But everyone is welcome and it won't disappoint any audience, it is still theatre and there is something for everyone.

What is on at the festival?

A full program is linked below and you can go to the  Storywood Inclusive Arts website for all the detail but we felt we'd make a special reference to The Nose.

The Nose is a fun musical comedy drama that has been adapted to a "relaxed performance" which makes it very suitable for anyone. It runs for about 45 minutes, the lights stay on, the doors stay open and in general the "edges" of the performance get softened to make it very accessible for everyone. We shout out to The Nose because you'll catch our Chief Technical Officer acting and singing on stage as Kovalyov...

Apart from the Nose, you can enjoy such shows as

  • Dance for Parkinsons
  • Musicals - in the Dark
  • So You Want to be a Trophy Wife
  • Boxed

as well as sensory immersion productions for audiences with ASD, PMLD and general sensory challenges. It really is a fantastic collection of arts and theatre and we are honoured and delighted to be even a small part of it.

18-20 March at the Playhouse Theatre
13-17 March at the Drama Factory

How do we book?

Many of the productions are free! You can get tickets through Quicket, you just need to choose which day and venue you prefer.

The Quicket links are below. They might be a little confusing at first but once you select the venue then you get presented with the shows at the venue and can choose what you want from there.

There are options and discounts for block bookings, senior discounts and more so if you want to contact the organisers you can do so at

We hope you'll join us at the festival!

How to find out more

Disclaimer: Episodic is not affiliated in anyway to the various parties listed in this article. We support them through participation and knowledge sharing.
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