Live Interview with RSG

Highly recommended Afrikaans interview with Ryk van Niekerk about health insurance and medical aid in South Africa.

On the air with RSG

Health insurance and medical aids remain a very popular topic of discussion. Not only because the Medical Aid Season is coming to a close for the year but South African's in general are looking for affordable alternatives to the financial products that they hold.

Episodic's CEO, Johan Josling, had a great interview in Afrikaans with RSG's Ryk van Niekerk about

  • What health insurance is
  • How it relates to a medical aid
  • How the benefits work
  • The regulatory landscape

If the Omny player above doesn't load then you can try the inline player below.

This was one of our favourite interviews. Not only was it a chance to talk in another South African language other than English but Ryk's show delves into the right level of detail and topic of interest. We very much recommend listening to the whole thing.

As always, we believe it is your choice and we are here to help you make an informed decision when choosing health cover that suits you and your family. Contact us for more information.

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