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Talking to SmileFM about Health Insurance and Medical Aid

We talk to Smile 90.4 FM about how health insurance and medical aid differ from each other and how they can be used together.

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Budget Speech Makes the Health and Wealth of South Africans a Priority

Episodic CEO breaks down the recent 2021 Budget Speech in terms of what it means for the health and wealth of South Africans.


Maximising Your Medical Aid Cover

This news article, first published in Women on Top, discusses how to use Medical Aid and Health Insurance together to your maximum benefit.

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Talking with Voice of the Cape about using Health Insurance with Medical Aid

Our CEO, Johan Josling, got to talk to Voice of the Cape in a radio interview discussing how to combine a medical aid scheme with a health insurance policy. The result is a more comprehensive plan. Listen to the live recorded interview to find out more.

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Talking with MoneyWeb about Medical Aid and Health Insurance

Episodic talks about the differences between Medical Aid and Health Insurance in the media. We speak to Nompu Siziba on SAFM's Moneyweb show show and Ryk van Niekerk on RSG.

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Take Care of Yourself and Your Health This Women’s Month

August is Women's Month and a 31-day celebration of the women who have helped shape South Africa. While women continue to be a powerful force for change in their families, communities and country, they are often so busy nurturing others that they tend to neglect themselves.

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Mental Health Matters

Did you know that one in three South Africans will be affected by mental health issues in their lifetimes? This is according to Africa’s largest mental health support and advocacy group, the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG). Since 80% of people with a mental illness do not get treatment, SADAG wants to create awareness to encourage more people to seek help, treatment and support and has therefore declared that July is Mental Illness Awareness Month.


Your Health is literally in Your Hands

People are more aware today than ever of the importance of washing their hands regularly and thoroughly. Episodic Health would like to remind all South Africans that practising good hand hygiene should be a lifetime commitment.

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Stop Preventable Health Problems this Men’s Health Month

While June is known for being Youth Month, it is Men's Health Month too. The entire month is dedicated to raising awareness around preventable health problems among men and boys. Plus, it aims to encourage early detection and treatment of diseases that are common in men like cardiovascular disease, prostate cancer and diabetes.

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