Flexible Funeral Cover for Your Whole Family

Add up to 13 people on one policy with a choice of cover limits from R135 pm

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Get the Funeral Plan that suits your budget

Episodic funeral plans pay out cash on the death of a family member. Your premium depends on the number of family members and your choice of cover amounts.

Flexible Plan

Cover just you or up to 13 family members on one policy.


Flexible Cover

R10,000 to R50,000 cover available. Choose the amount of cover for each family member.



Pays out cash within 48 hours of submitting a valid claim after the death of an insured member.


Waiting Periods

Immediate cover for accidental death. 12 months waiting period for suicide & 6 months for other reasons.



No hidden benefits you don't need. Just plain cover for the death of a loved one.



There is no age limit after you join a policy.



Build your plan from R135 pm

Start by choosing a single or family plan. Then add your extended family. Simple.


Cover for just you.

R135 pm
R180 pm
R225 pm


Cover for you & your immediate family. Add up to 7 members with one premium.

R180 pm
R240 pm
R300 pm

Extended Family

Add up to 6 extended family members to your base plan, each with their own cover limit. Premium is per member based on their age.


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Take a look at some typical funeral plan scenarios and see how the premium is calculated.


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Funeral Plan BrochureFuneral Plan Policy Wording
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You have Questions, We have Answers

Find answers to the most common questions about Funeral cover below. You can also browse our Help pages and Blog posts for more information.

Who qualifies as Immediate Family?

Immediate Family members on the funeral plan include your spouse and your children.

Your children may be natural, adopted or foster children, as long as they are younger than 21 years and not married. However, if your child is still a registered full-time student, then this age limit is increased to 26 years.

Who qualifies as Extended Family?

Extended Family members on the funeral plan include your:

  • children that don't qualify as immediate family
  • parents, grandparents and grandchildren
  • brothers and sisters
  • aunts and uncles (meaning the brother or sister of your mother or father)
  • nephews and nieces (meaning the children of your brother or sister)

The above must be your (the principal members) family line and not that of your spouse.

What are the payout amounts?

The funeral plan pays out ratios according to the age of the deceased:

  • 14 years or older: 100% of the cover limit
  • 6-13 years: 50% of the cover limit
  • 0-5 years: 25% of the cover limit
  • Stillborn: 25% of the cover limit

What are the Waiting Periods?

  • Accidental death: Immediate cover, no waiting period
  • Suicide: 12 months waiting period
  • Other: 6 month waiting period

Are there any age restrictions?

For Immediate Family:

  • the principal insured member must be at least 18 years old and younger than 65
  • your spouse must be younger than 65 years
  • children must be younger than 21 or, if they are full time students, younger than 26

For Extended Family, all members must be 18 years or older and younger than 85.

There is not cession age, meaning that you are never removed form a policy for being too old. The above age restrictions apply at time of application.

How is the Premium Calculated?

Single and Family policies have a premium that depends on the amount of cover you choose.

For Family policies, the premium is the same regardless of whether you add 1 member or all 6.

You can add Extended Family to any policy and you get to choose the cover amount per member. The premium is calculated according to their age and amount of cover.

For example:

  • I cover myself for R40,000 - premium is R180 pm.
  • I add my wife and two children - new premium is R240
  • I add my 70 year old Mother for R20,000 cover - new premium is R240 + R150 = R390 pm
  • I add my 50 year old brother for R10,000 cover - new premium is R390 + R50 = R440 pm
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