Funeral Plan FAQs

What are the Waiting Periods?

A Waiting Period is a time duration after a policy becomes active in which benefits to an insured member will not be paid.

The waiting periods for the Episodic Funeral Plan are:

  • None for accident death - cover is available immediately
  • 12 calendar months for death owing to suicide
  • 6 calendar months for death owing to natural or unnatural causes (other than death or suicide)

Waiving of Waiting Periods

The Waiting Periods for an insured member may be waived if:

  • the insured member had a previous policy with another insurance provider at least 31 days before to entering into the Episodic Funeral Plan and
  • the previous policy benefits provided similar risk cover and
  • a 6 calendar month Waiting Period was completed on the previous policy

If the full 6 month Waiting Period has not been completed then the benefits on your new policy with us will be subject to the outstanding Waiting Period.

You will need to supply:

  • The Policy Schedule issued to you by the previous insurer listing the full details of each of the insured members as well as the Waiting Periods which still apply
  • Proof of payment for all premiums up to 6 calendar months prior to the termination of that policy
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